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sourkraut's picture

I'm working on my '07 kia sorento 3.8 liter Anybody know how to test the vvt actuators? I think the vvt solenoids are bad, but since I'm pulling the intake off, I'd like to know how to check the actuators on the camshafts.I had two codes, p0340...

ccraig10's picture

Kia Sorento 2011 EX 4 Cylinder

Exterior driver side front door handle does not work. Feels like it does when the door is locked.

I have removed the interior door panel.

There is a metal plate with the window mechanism...

tlesane's picture

I need assistance on how to replace or fix the left rear door handle on my 2011 Kia Sorento. I've removed the inner door panel and removed the screws on the panel that holds the window motor. I'm stuck as to how to proceed. Need assistance....

koufax's picture

I need to replace the rear exterior door handle on my wife's Sorento. I've ordered the four parts of the handle from Kia. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike

Austin21's picture

We purchased a used 2011 Sorento. The back door was a little "sticky" to get open. My impatient wife eventually rips off the door handle. I've googled and seen she's obviously not the first to do so.

I haven't had a chance to take the door...

Brien's picture

my 2009 Sorento rear hatch lock mechanism is not working properly. it has never unlocked from the drivers door lock button, only with the remote. now the remote has quit working. Thank you for any information on what can be done to open door and...

tamir2014's picture

I have a Kia Sorento 2006 ex. I can unlock all the doors with the remote and door switch, but they will not auto lock like after 15 mph. I have to manually lock all the doors.

bucric's picture

I do not have a smart key.
That being said I have a remote entry and start for my Kia 2011 Sorrento. I believe that my wife and I , we both have remotes, pressed the remote at the same time. This sent the receiving device on my Kia...

Knihgt's picture

I have a Kia Sorento. I can unlock all the doors with the remote and door switch, but they will not lock. I have to manually lock all the doors.

kcoola's picture

The outside door handle is not working and I pulled the door panel off to see if I can see what the issue was but there is a metal sheet behind the panel I would need to take off but don't want to unless I know r see how it should be done first...

moms4boys36's picture

having some issues with the car, replaced the alternator, and the radiator, car started but went driving it the check engine light came back on, so took it to auto zone and they read the code and said it was the cam sensor, so we replace the cam...

trev70's picture

neither handle work on the rear passenger door which is locked with the child lock on central locking has no effect when handle borke something fell down inside the door as i cannot open the door i cannot take off the door trim can anyone help...

TheBomber69's picture

Thanks for the help on my last question.

The new question I have is, I have a 03 Kia Sorento LX with burned out fan speed light. There is no info. on how to install a new bulb in the manual.

Thanks for the help.


TheBomber69's picture

Can anyone please help me with instructions to replace an exterior front passenger side door handle?


sja2345's picture

I have a Kia Sorrento 2004 EX. Its currently in the shop due to a bad crank sensor. I just had a new one put on in March. Now I am being told its gone bad because the water pump is leaking on it. Can coolent cause the crank sensor to go bad?!...

labrushc's picture

How can I tell if my 2008 Sorento has a LSD rear differential?

labrushc's picture

I have a, or had a 2008 Sorento LX 3.3L with 68,000 miles. Started to make knocking noise, oil light and engine light came on started losing power. Went to the shoulder and it wouldn't start. Went the road service route. KIA dealer called and...

labrushc's picture

I have a 2008 Kia Sorento LX. A mouse has gotten into the heater system somewhere and died. Is there a removable filter on this model that can be removed and cleaned? Do I have to take the heater cover off or remove the blower motor? Or do I just...

labrushc's picture

Where is the GAS Tank Vent on a 2008 KIA Sorento LX?

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